Youth Adventures


Beginner & Advanced Shooting Adventures:    Beginner Firearms Safety Adventure for 11 - 13 year old and an Advanced  Shooting Adventure (youths with their Firearm Safety already) for ages  12 -15.  Campers at the Beginners Shooting Adventure achieve their  Firearm Safety certificate with classroom, field experience and hands-on  learning.  The campers fill up their afternoons with fun, educational  outdoor activities. Much time is spent on how to actually hunt  pheasants, with the highlight of the adventure ending with an actual  pheasant/chukar hunt. The Advanced Shooting Adventure is similar to the  Beginners Adventure but, of course, does not include 20 hours required  by the Firearm Safety training. In the Advanced Shooting Adventure,  there is much more actual shooting; mostly at sporting clays, and an  even bigger pheasant/chukar hunt at the end.

2020 Rice Creek Shooting Adventure dates

Beginners Firearm Safety Shooting Adventure $789.00  - June 22nd - June 26th, 2020  "Registration form"

Advanced Shooting Adventure $789.00 - July  20th- July 24th, 2020 "Registration form"

YOuth adventure video

Rice Creek youth adventure

This video gives you an idea of what we all do throughout the week with the kids!!