Rice Creek/ reeds Family Gun fair

   Try before you buy!   Gun reps provide the guns and ammunition to shoot on the range, walk  across the isle and Reeds can give you a great price.  We have World  Champion shooting shows & exhibitors, over 4,000 guests come to  shoot and try the newest guns on the market and buy shooting supplies.  Shoot sporting clays courses for fun or begin the Sporting clays League  Shooting season.  Great food available daily, special treats made from  pheasant or duck along with traditional short order - type food all at  reasonable prices.   We have an area for kids to come and shoot  shotguns, bows, & BB guns. This is an event you and the whole family  don't want to miss.

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 28th Annual Family Gun Fair Family Gun Fair - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - April 17, 18, 19 2020 

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Clips from the Gun Fair

Rice Creek / Reeds Family Gun Fair Video Clips

Clips from the Gun Fair

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