Sporting clays at rice creek

We  welcome all shooters; from family outings to business functions to bachelor parties,  beginners to professionals! You can join our league of over 200 shooters  in the spring and summer, shoot in our NSCA registered event, or just  come and shoot for the fun of it for the day. You can also participate  in a number of fun organized shoots such as the Little Falls Chamber  Shoot, the Brainerd Chamber Shoot, SMA (Camp Ripley Shoot for the  Troops).


League Shooters (round of 50) - $19.56
Non - League Shooter (round of 50) - $23.28
Women and Youth under the age of 18 - half price
Group Rate - $23.28 per person and the 10th person is free

Rice Creek / Reeds Family Gun Fair

 Besides sporting clays, see World Champion shooting shows &  exhibitors, over 2,000 guests come to shoot the fun courses, try new  guns and buy shooting supplies. We have an area for kids to come and  shoot guns, bows, & BB guns.  

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Summer league at rice creek

 League Shooting - Come and shoot at 100  targets  a month; 50 on "A course" and 50 on "B course", re-shoot if you  would like to and keep your best score.  Shoot at your convenience  during our regular scheduled hours and get your scores in by the last  Sunday of the month.  We have a Family League that has special fun; get  as many relatives and friends as you can to shoot on your team.  Each  target broken adds to your team score. All league shooters are invited  to the End of the Year Party with lots of prizes for league shooters  from our sponsors.  

 End of the Year Party is August 18th, 2019  (scroll down for more info)


Competitive leagues and our walk- in hours also start
Friday April 23rd, 2019 and they are:  
Closed all Mondays

 Hours open for Sporting Clays:
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (must start by 7:00 p.m.)
Wednesday & Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (must start by 4:00)
Saturday and Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 (must start by 12:00 noon)
or shooters can make a reservation for any other times except for Mondays (the whole day) and Wednesday (evenings). 

Family League: This  year get your family together and see how many targets you can break;  each one broken adds to your total, there is no limit to how many you  shoot at or how many family members you bring. If you shoot at 2100  targets, your family will win a party automatically. Remember the rule;  you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family, so if you  bring someone to shoot and you say they're family to you, then they're  family to us and they can shoot on your team. There are no fees for  family team. 

Low Brass League - Shooter  will shoot the 2 courses, A & B. Re-shoot as often as you would  like and keep your best score. You can have up to 8 shooters on a 4  person team and 6 shooters on a 2 person team; we will use the top 4 (or  2) scores from all the shooters. You can enjoy a handicapped system and  division classes that keeps shooters on a more level shooting field.  There will be bonus hunting if you win your top division. 

League Teams: All teams receive certificates to hunt LeBlanc's Rice Creek Hunting  & Rec. some bigger, some smaller depending on where you end up in  the standings. Prizes at the End of the Year Party and tournament for  team and individuals. Improve your shooting - shoot at least 100 targets  per month at your convenience.

League Round Dates


First round - April 23rd - May 19th

Second round - May 21st  - June 16th

Third round - June 18th - July 14th

Fourth round - July 16th - August 11th 



League Shooters (round of 50) - $19.56 Non - League Shooter (round of 50) - $23.28 Women and Youth under the age of 18 - half price Group Rate - $23.28 per person and the 10th person is free

End of the Year party

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